Making the Complex Simple



Learning can be fun, as well as intense. Adults learn most effectively when they are completely engaged in the learning process. This happens with spirited discussion, break out group activities, and lots of participation by all. During the seminars there is always opportunity for feedback and practice. See Seminars for topics offered. Each is designed specifically for your organization.

Birkman Coaching

The Birkman Method will teach you things about yourself that you never knew – but really need to know. It is a complete behavioral and motivational assessment. Birkman is especially effective when used as a component of team building. Participants learn why certain members of the team push each other’s buttons, why each is more effective at different tasks, as well each person’s strengths and communication styles. There is an emphasis on the positive aspects of personality.

Retreat Facilitation

Board retreats, full day management retreats, and visioning sessions can all benefit from having an engaged facilitator. Meetings stay on topic, on time and participants are challenged to think creatively. Advanced and detailed preparation creates a tight agenda and clear outcomes.

Culture Review

Working with leadership, we review the reality versus the desired culture and then recommend strategies and tactics to move to the new culture

New Employee Orientation

Working closely with your organization, we design and implement a new employee orientation that brings new staff up to speed on the culture, norms, vision and mission of your organization

Train the Trainer

Effective facilitation skills are taught in a highly participative seminar. Participants have multiple opportunities to practice the presentation skills being taught. Train the Trainer seminars are offered for each of the Seminars.