Making the Complex Simple


Supervisor/Manager Training

Great employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers.   Learn how to be the manager that engaged employees want to work for. In this seminar series a variety of topics is covered to give the skills needed to keep employees engage. Topics include coaching and managing, giving effective feedback, tough conversations, effective hiring, conflict management, persuasive presentations, and developing your personal brand.

Persuasive Presentations

To give persuasive presentations you need to understand the basics of persuasion and motivation, as well as the secrets to great delivery. You will leave this seminar feeling more confident about speaking and with great ideas for designing content, visual aids and for the actual delivery.

Effective Teams

Every individual on an effective team must have excellent skills in communicating, creating trust, conflict competence and accountability.  No one can be carried along by the team.  Teams begin by developing a high level of self awareness and an understanding of the different strengths among team members via the Birkman Personality Profile. We then move into the teaming topics with effective tools and practice for each skill.

Mastering Tough Conversations

People can come up with endless and creative reasons for avoiding difficult conversations. This seminar provides a simple model for engaging others in the conversations we need to have in ways that improve trust, relationships, and leadership effectiveness.

Hiring: Right People Right Place Right Time

When interviewing potential employees, most people spend less time preparing for the interview than they would spend choosing a new restaurant. This seminar will teach you how to prepare and conduct interviews in ways that will greatly increase your ability to select the right person for the job.

My Professional Brand

Through this session, participants begin to understand their own brand, including the good and the not so good. Next, action plans are developed to extinguish the not so good and enhance the unique strengths that will help move people along their career paths.