Seminars are individually designed to meet the specific needs of your organization

Here are some of the most requested topics:

The Accountability Experience

This seminar provides a provocative day of learning, thinking, challenging and changing the way you think about Accountability. The concepts and tools presented will make you more effective both at work and in your personal life by lowering your stress, increasing your productivity and improving your relationships.  Outcomes: create greater clarity in roles and feedback to others. Make and manage clear agreements with others. Know how to hold yourself and others accountable for agreements.

The Change Challenge

When change is sweeping through an organization or a department, it’s helpful to get people together and discuss the emotional reactions as well as strategies to adapt well to changes.  Managers and staff walk away with practical tools and strategies for dealing with change at work and in their personal lives.

New Supervisor/Manager Training

Great employees stay with an organization if they have a great manager.  Learn how to be that person.  A variety of topics is covered over several sessions with “homework” in-between sessions to practice the skills learned.  Typical topics include: personal and collective accountability, transitioning from peer to leader;  clarifying roles, goals, and expectations; dealing with challenging subordinates, fostering teamwork, effective hiring, conflict management and ongoing feedback to staff.

Managing Clarified

“If only I didn’t have staff reporting to me, my job would be perfect.”  Experienced managers often get stuck  in a rut of mediocre and outdated techniques. They end up babysitting their own staff, feeling stuck with underperformers and stressed by peers. In this seminar we look at how managers get stuck in the rut, and how to pop yourself out, ready to engage effectively with your staff.

 Effective Teaming

Every individual on an effective team must have excellent skills in communicating, creating trust, conflict competence and accountability.  No one can be carried along by the team.  Teams begin by developing a high level of self awareness and an understanding of the different strengths among team members via the Birkman Personality Profile. We then move into the teaming topics with effective tools and practice for each skill.


Mastering Tough Conversations

How many excuses can you think of to avoid having that difficult conversation?  Most people can come up with quite a lot.  Unfortunately, we don’t see effective conflict modeled very often. But it’s really NOT so difficult to have difficult conversations. Using simple concepts and tools, this seminar provides a unique strategy for engaging others in productive conversations: both at work and in our personal lives.

Gender and Leadership

Research, profit margins, and our experiences are showing that organizations with gender balanced leadership and boards have better results. Many of the leadership traits that are most effective in 21st Century organizations have been considered “feminine” traits. This seminar looks at the research, the differences in male and female brains, and the differences in leadership style. It provides practical advice for balancing the gender leadership traits in your organization.