Team Charter

Mission, vision, value, roles and rules of the road.  Every functional team needs a Team Charter, with the individual elements determined by the members.

Here is a sample:


Administrative Team for KSquared Consulting

Mission of our Team:  We continually improve all administrative tasks for clients and internal staff using the best technology and the most authentic relationship skills.

Purpose:  Seamless administration of client contacts, client contracts, accounting, production of materials, travel, follow-up, and any additional support requested by the client or consulting team.

What we do:

(List here of the team’s roles and responsibilities)

Code of Conduct

We have clear roles, clear goals, clear levels of authority

If we are not clear we ask

We use written Clear Agreements

We do individual and team “Looking Backs” when things do not go as agreed or when things go exceptionally well

We talk to not about others

We do not gossip; we do not listen to gossip

We do not “rescue, fix and save” one another

We hold other team members accountable for their agreements

We hold ourselves accountable

We are a self-managed team (see addendum for definition)

We consider excellent customer service to consist of the same components for clients, staff,vendors.

Our Commitment to a Culture of Personal Growth, Organizational Growth, Having Fun at Work, and Being Good Human Beings

Each team member works cooperatively with all other team members

Each team member will treat other team members with consistency, honesty, integrity, and respect. (see addendum for definition of each term)

Each team member will accommodate and respect different opinions and perspectives and manage disagreements with conflict competence

Team members will not act in a way that can be perceived as intimidating or overbearing

Each Team Member will develop a Professional Definition of Success to share and in which to be supported


Brett: ________________________             Craig:______________________

Mona: _______________________               Lena:________________________