Accountability Seminars

Accountability Seminars can be structured to fit your needs and time:  Full day, 4 hour, a series of 2 hours.  Designed for your organization.

The Accountability Experience –  4 or 7 hour seminar

Based on the work of  Linda Galindo, author of  “The 85% Solution”. This seminar provides a provocative day of learning, thinking, challenging and changing the way you think about Accountability. The concepts and tools presented will make you more effective both at work and in your personal life. By using the tools presented, you can  lower your stress, increase your productivity and improve your relationships.

Highly participative, provocative case studies, plenty of honest discussion, small group work and easy to understand, effective tools.

Train the Trainer- The Accountability Experience

Participants learn exceptional facilitation of  “The Accountability Experience” .   In addition to topics of adult learning theory and effective presentation of the material, participants gain a deep understanding of  the content, and surface their own barriers to implementation. The result is skilled facilitators as well as authentic advocates for personal accountability in the organization.

 Accountability That Works! – 4 hour seminar

This seminar is designed for front line managers and supervisors, employees with no staff, and front line employees. Content is adjusted for the audience.

The basic philosophies, definitions and tools of the The Accountability Experience are learned. This allows an organization to have a common vocabulary and consistent tools within departments and across departments.

Accountability Seminar for Leaders – 4 to 7 hours

This seminar is specifically designed for an organization’s leaders. In addition to the tools and methodology presented in The Accountability Experience, we have frank discussions on how implementation will change the culture and we plan that implementation. Also discussed are the current barriers to accountability and how to get the leaders’ commitment to model accountability.